Three saddles you want to use for steel b...

There are only 3 places where humans and bicycles touch each other. The palms and soles of the hands, and the buttocks. Among them, the ass and saddle are all severe. There are many cases where positioning is the cause, but if you still don't come to mind, why not replace it?

I can't see it when I'm on it, but it's important to look. In this frame, you want to use this saddle. Today we will introduce three classic saddles that are perfect for steel bikes.

Selle San Marco Regal

It is San Marco's legal regal. It features a classical detail with studs. Popular lino leather model. The compatibility with a slender steel bike is outstanding. Engraved on natural suede calfskin leather. A comfortable touch with a grip power. It is strong and highly durable. The vertical positioning can be used effectively because it is flat and wide. Luxury image.


If you say the original light weight saddle, it is a flight. As with regal, there are current models, but I want to push here. As the name suggests, it is a reprint of a super masterpiece model released in 1990. The amount of pads is larger than the current Flite and relatively soft. It is also a popular reason to match any bike from vintage to modern with simple looks. High use of Yokohama staff.

Fabric Scoop Race Saddle

Fabric is a very new brand compared to the two in 2014, but it is very unique. It is a saddle with a simple design, comfortable functionality, and even cleanliness. Personally, it is the most comfortable saddle that I tried. Perfect for steel bikes with a modern image. Mitz loves besides me.

I think all the three saddles introduced today are relatively easy to handle. Kotekote's lace saddle is good, but it can be used comfortably. We feel like this now.

I think you can make various suggestions for saddle selection, so please feel free to contact us.

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