"2021 Donoventa" No. 1

Hello, this is Toriyama. The delivery has begun, 2021 DOSNOVENTA. We are assembled from the customers who have made a reservation sequentially. The first one was delivered, so I would like to introduce it. The model is "Detroit Army Orange"The frame set will be ¥ 159,000+tax. The customer this time is ordered by DOS Complete Custom. Honestly, I think this way of buying is the best and cospa excellent. This component is finally Dosnoventa original! Moreover, most of them are carbon parts and are very conscientious in terms of cost performance. If you write too much details, it will be flooded, so we will answer the details directly by DM. To be honest, even with this component completed car, it is a spec that can be almost completed to the finished model. You can say, "If you are worried, go with a component." That's why I will introduce the explanation of the exceptional component.
The same brand as the frame is as good as any manufacturer. The detailed design is also a fascinating design rather than sporty. There is a playfulness that the manufacturer is not. The theme of this New Look is generally"Urban, minimum, iconic"It is something like that. It is a design that allows you to see the theme. Then, let's take a look from the wheels.
With carbon rim, the rim hats are 60 mm before and after. This is not too thick and not too thin, and Shioume coexists sporty and visuals. The handle can be selected from two road drops and straight bars. Both are carbon specifications, but I personally recommend the drop and it is recommended. It is a round shape like Thomson, so it is comfortable to hold and the depth of the drop does not go to the compact.
There is no processing of wire holes because of the truck consciousness. Most of the carbon road drops have wires and holes for bracket brakes. Because it is not there, it is easy to hold without a strange depression even if you do not wind the bar tape.
Use a TRP carbon lever for the brake lever. Lighter in millimeters. The texture of this gloss gives a presence for aluminum. The caliper is the classic super cospa quit SHIMANO 105 to create a braking force of relief.
The nice thing about this component is Rotor Vegast for the crank. I think this is super nice. Because it will be the best ride from the start. I recently started using this, but it's easy to run lightly. I immediately understood the reason why everyone changed to ROTOR. A special idea of ​​straps and pedals. ALLWAYS of MKS pedal that turns well, YNOT cobalt blue choice for strap. This color matches the frame color well.
How is this spec. Of course, it is possible to buy a DOS component with roses, but it is quite cheap with Complete Set. And what I felt in this announcement. DOSNOVENTA is recommended for those who are new to the fix. From this time, this Cople SET has been literally completed since the start. Moreover, not only looks but also specifications are completed. Complete such as LEADER is also affordable, but the best thing is the frame specifications. Fine parts such as wheels and handles are inexpensive ones for finished cars. If you customize from there, it costs the same or more cost. Then you should make your favorite frame from the beginning. I think I have no time to worry. I think it will be sold out at the time. DOSNOVENTA DETROIT Frame Set ¥ 159,000+Tax DSNV®106 CARBON WHEEL SET ¥ 147,500+Tax ROTOR VEGAST CRANK SET ¥ 66,400+Tax DSNV®101 Carbon Drop Bar ¥ 23,100+Tax DSNV®103 ALU STEM ¥ 7,700+Tax DSNV 105 CARBON SEATPOST ¥ 14,100+Tax TRP RL951 CARBON LEVAR ¥ 7,800+Tax SHIANO 105 BRAKE SET ¥ 9,074+Tax YNOT PEDAL STRAPS ¥ 6,800+Tax MKS Allways Pedal ¥ 6,400+Tax Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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