Service unique to Kichijoji store!

As you know, BROTURES only deals with new and used products in Kichijoji store only in Kichijoji store.
Often in the inquiry is "Will you tell me if XX arrives?"

Until now, we have refused over -the -counter sales, but after a while, we have been able to work a new service for a while.

Simply put, when the desired product arrives

A service that will inform you.

For example, a carbon wheel that is popular in BROTURES.

If you ask for your budget and details in advance, we will inform you when the desired product arrives.

In addition, there are many inquiries such as CINELLI MASH and the frame set of the former Leader®︎, which have been discontinued.

[Phone number] XXX-XXXX-XXXX
[Email address] xxxxxx@xxxx.xx.xx
[Desired product] Example: CINELLI MASH WORK 2015 Frame Set S size, etc.
[Budget] around x 10,000 yen

We would appreciate it if you could contact us like this.
Depending on the product, it is used, so the delivery date is not conveyed, but if you have something you are looking for, I would like to use it by all means.

This time, we gave the frame, wheels, etc. as an example, but of course other parts are OK.

If you have the product you are looking for, please contact us from the banner below referring to the above template.
Then we are waiting at the store today.

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