Lath 1 in Kichijoji

Fate of always visiting any product

sold out

And it is just a little in front of it

Lath 1

The last point even if you cry or laugh.
If you miss this, you can't get it
Such a timing.

BROTURES is open at 4 stores, so
The stock status varies depending on the store.
Actually, it was also in Kichijoji
In fact, it was in Kichijoji.

It is an introduction of such a body.

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Los Angeles "ObservaTory Griffith" Special Edition
Frame Set ¥ 149,000-

One month since the announcement of the 2021 model, which caused the turbulence.
It is a new design that is sold out one after another,
This is the old logo version that is now a rare frame.
Moreover, only a few units are made,
Indeed, a special specification was applied
A frame worthy of being called a special.

DOSNOVENTA has launched a total of five frame designs.
This is a frame called Los Angeles, commonly known as "LA".
From daily commuting to strict riders used for competitions and training,
A multi -per -pass motorcycle designed in a design suitable for all purposes.
Combine high -level lightweight and rigidity,
It realizes a very comfortable ride.

In fact, this LA is the best -selling frame in Dosnoventa.
A beautiful horizontal like a piste bike gets an eye.

And and
There are only a few frames left in Japan
Actually, at the Kichijoji store

Lath 1

I prepared it.
This frame is sure to be difficult to obtain
Those who are looking for in the old design,
You can drive the city with your favorite custom,

Or taking into account that the value will rise in the future.
It is ant to buy Aota.

If you are interested, we look forward to your contact.

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