In stock soon! Mate-X!

Hello! In today's blog, the topic of "e-bike", which will soon be in stock It is an introduction of "Mate-X"! ! Probably, I expect that the popularity of "e-bike" will be ignited next year in Japan. What is "e-bike" in the first place? I think there are many people, so explain it briefly! !
"E-bike"Equipped with a drive unit developed for the sports cycle in a sports cycle that we usually ride, MTB, cross bike, etc. (of course, the frame is developed to install a unit and battery. By doing so, it refers to a power assist bicycle for sports! ! To put it simply, it's incomparable with electric mamachari "assist"There is! That's what! !
Such "e-bike" is also available at Brotures! ! ! That is "Mate-X"! ! ! ・ Mate-X ¥ 300,000 (+tax)
There are plenty of colors, it looks simple and cool! ! !
Because the tires are thick, there are few concerns about punk, so you can get on the off -road! ! If you do not use the assist function, you can ride it as a normal sports bicycle! !
And and I guess some people can imagine this look, but how this is"Mate-X"teeth Fold it!
Folding means that you can load a car, so when you go out or travel You can bring it with you! ! as a side note"175cm"When I straddle me, it looks like this!

And here is "Super Great Information !!!" If you make a reservation for "Mate-X" now, ...

"10% OFF"! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

So, if you are considering "e-bike" in the future, at this time Why don't you put "Mate-X" as an option? ? Finally, see the video of "Mate-X"! There was also a video when I collaborated with "MONCLER"!
It seems that various videos will come out in the future!
We will respond to telephone, email, and DM, so please feel free to contact us! ! a! ! ! I will also post a video of "air containment" which is also compatible with "Mate-X" introduced this time. Please try to reference! !
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