The first "things" to buy!

Hello! In today's blog, I wrote last week [I must see the first fixien purchase! ] I would like to introduce recommended parts to be purchased with my first fixie bike! I think that there are many people who are selected by the finished car at the beginning, but of course! If you just embark, it's enough, but riding with "fixed gear" Those who commute or go to school have something you want to have! ! If you keep it to some extent at the beginning, it will be usable forever, so those who are considering the body from now on. Please try to reference! ! ! First, ride with "fixed gear"! If you have a "strap"! ! ! ・ BROTURES ORIGINAL STRAP ¥ 4,600 (+Tax)
You can also set it on the pedal attached to the finished car, so for the time being! Click here for those! ! And the pedal of the finished car has a reflector, and if you want to attach a slightly better pedal here! ・ YNOT Strap ¥ 6,800 (+tax)
From "Brotures Original Strap" introduced above Because it is made sturdly, you can't cut it a little neatly! I can't say that! I have never cut it out even if I use a tRICK pounding. 。 There are plenty of colors, so you can put the color in the insertion color! And such a collaboration product! ! ・ BROTURES × YNOT ¥ 8,000 (+tax)
Special specifications collaborated with BROTURES! There are two types: reflector and phosphorescent ver! ! And sponsored by me (Ayum)"TRICK CONTEST"s name"Noridae"friend I have a collaboration! ! It will be one color development! ! ”Noridae Ver "Is a small amount every time, so be as soon as possible! ! Video related to straps"YouTube"Please see it because it is up! !
And if you have the next one, it's convenient "Ring bag "! You can easily put it in just by removing the front wheel, so you can easily run! picture? ? What is it? ? Let's explain! What is a wheeling? Carry a bicycle using public transportation (railway -ship -airplane, etc.)! A way for cyclists and bicycle travelers to omit part of the process without self -propelled! ! is! ! What you need to travel is a "ring bag"! ! ・ Bike Kinchaku ¥ 5,500 (+tax)
It's a "wheeled bag that I also use, but this can be put in" tremendous easy "! !! Here too for reference"YouTube"Please see it because it is up! !
And the last is"stand"! ! is! The fixie bike is also a luxury body, so I think many people put it in the house! ! You can also attach a kick stand to the vehicle itself, but for these sports bikes I don't get much! ! * Due to schools and companies, you may have to attach a kick stand. So, when you put it in the house, you have to stand up without a stand! Anyway, you want to show it beautifully or decorate it coolly! ! ! Then "the stand is required"! ! Click here for the "stand" recommended at the Osaka store! ! ・ U-LIX stand ¥ 2,600 (+tax)
・ Willx Superstand 2.5 ¥ 5,000 (+Tax)
This is also introduced on YouTube, so please take a look! !
I introduced a part of it today like this, but there are also "air plus and" hexagon wrench ". It will be something that you have to have! ! If you are considering the body from now on, please refer to it! ! Ayumu the daddy. BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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