Cleaning your car

It's finally the end of the year.
BROTURES is open until the 26th, so you will not forget to buy it.

Because it is such a time, there will be more maintenance requests.
Is it like cleaning your car?
It's such a time, so why not try it yourself this year?
We have prepared a recommended cleaner set for the store!


At home, this time we prepared a cleaner and coating chemicals.
You don't need tools because you don't need to disassemble any parts.

I will easily introduce the process.
First of all, before using the chemical, let's remove the rough dirt by wiping it.
Spray plenty of pink "Waterless Wash" on the vehicle and parts such as the frame. (Please shake well before use.)
After leaving it for a while and penetrates, wipe it off with a row.
only this. As the name suggests, there is no need to wash it off with water, so it is convenient.

MUC-OFF Waterless Wash

Shall we clean the chain next?
In this area, dirt is quite stubborn, so let's take a thorough defeat at this opportunity.
Click here to use.

MUC-OFF Bio Chain Cleaner 400ml

Click here for how to use ↓
1. Before use, try the drive chain part with water carefully.
2. Spray a bio -chain cleaner in the drive chain area and stir dirt with a brush or sponge.
3. Rin the entire drive chain with clean water such as tap water.

Please wipe out the dirt sticking to the cog or chain ring.
The pedal turns around comfortably and the parts last longer.

Don't forget to coat when your motorcycle is beautiful.
This time, we have prepared two types of coating agents.
First is this "Bike Protect".


It drives out moisture due to cleaning and forms a glossy non -adhesive protective layer on metal parts and painted surfaces.
It can be used for other than tires and brake parts.
If you spray it on the chain, add the oil firmly.

Mat -colored motorcycle users such as LEADER should use this too.

MUC-OFF MATT Finish Detailer 250ml

It is a glossy wax.
Keep the chic mat color clean to prevent fingerprints and dirt from adhering.
Please shake it so well and then use it on a rag.
Be careful not to be uneven because it is volatile!

The cleaning is completed with the above!
Why don't you try it at home this year because it will be beautiful so that you can make mistakes without breaking the parts!


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