I made it for about 5 people.
It was so delicious that I ate everything last night and this morning.
After all, cake is delicious.

Good evening.
This is Miya.

Apparently, pour water in the New Year's mood,
It's an emergency declaration after a long time.
It seems that the uneasy situation will continue in the future
BROTURES is open well, so don't worry!

Fortunately, all stores are on the roadside, and they are avoided.
A very good environment for customers and staff.

New year Sale Sometimes
Many customers have come to the store since the beginning of the year.
Thank you for the regulars.

And some of them are considering a new car body.

Bonuses, New Year's balls, and the navel for winter sale.
If you use it anyway, be wise and definitely shopping.

In 2021, commuting, going to school, and dayoff activities
By all means, the choice of bicycle <(more) fixie bike).

Above all, this is what we really recommend as an entry model.

Leader® 721TR ¥ 100,000 (+Tax)

Because of the high compatibility of each part, the degree of freedom of custom is extremely high.
In other words, you can do a pounding custom from the plain state of the entry.
This frame can easily fulfill even a custom that rolls out.

Of course, the specifications will go up by stamping.
Instead of "don't get tired", it's sure to be addicted to the fun of the fixes.

The material is "aluminum" and is designed to be lightweight and very rigid.
While there are many iron (chromoly) that are inexpensive and easy to process
Using aluminum in this price range is rare.
Aluminum is simpler than iron, so it is characterized by faster energy transmission.
A sharp movement required for a sharp intersection and a street with a lot of bend angles.
It is a good frame to feel this firmly.

From the 2021 model, it has been converted into a full carbon fork, including the column (the invisible part inside the head tube).
This has achieved larger weight compared to the conventional model.
It is a frame where you can fully feel the world view of Leader despite the low price.

And not too much on the street,
This car body can be expected to be used as a single road.

Leader® 725TR ¥ 150,000 (+Tax)

The wheelbase is set longer than 721
The stability during driving has been dramatically improved.
Instead, the sharpness is lost compared to 721.

・ You can run with a sense of stability on a long distance.
・ It is hard to get tired even if you travel long distances.
Because of the benefits such as, it is also possible to interpret it as "rather a road bike".

What I want to say
A bicycle with a transmission is called a "gear car"
thisThe current usage (how to ride) has not changed significantly for those who switch to the gear car road bike or MTB (mountain bike).If so,
725 is recommendedis.

Rather than a sharp run, it is more like wanting to grow.

With such a feeling, the two models introduced above, now you can still choose the size!
(There are some sizes, but ...)

Next is scheduled to be delivered after spring
Even those who want to start from spring should buy it now! !

First of all, it is important to choose the size that suits you, so I hope you can consult once.

I will deviate a little.

As I always say, at this time

"Transportation means that avoided secret"

I don't care about anything.
If you say that,
If you don't have a corona, you don't need a fix. It could be.

In short, ""Skicking, excuse to get a fixieI wonder if you can think about it.

If there is no shift, isn't it tight?

You can afford a slope like in the city.
It may be tough if it is an intense slope like SAN Francisco. smile

Isn't it hard to keep rowing on the pedal all the time?

When the speed rises, it feels like an electric bicycle, and it feels close to being assisted.
If you get used to it, you will not be able to return to freegight.

You don't have a brake, right?

It is attached!
I'm angry both socially and legally.
However, the piste bike can adjust the speed to some extent with one stepping on the pedal, so if you get used to it, you will not use the brake itself.

The above is a piste, Q & A
Actually it looks like this.

Those who think too high about the hurdles of vehicles,
There are also test rides at the store, so let's ride it once!
I think the image will change!

Simple without relying on brakes and transmissions
A vehicle that can touch the most essential part of "running".
It's really interesting.

May 2021 come to everyone with the best New Bike Day.

Then today's
~ Miya's eyes ~
Former apparel staff Miya
The axis is based on "I feel now x fixie bikes"
Pick up recommended items!
This time

Patagonia Men's, Nano Puff Pants

I want to wear down the bottom already.

Then again! !

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