Blow side of the original paint

I feel that has taken root at this time.
We have more opportunities to call us, "I want to do" rather than proposing "this is there".
No, thank you.

In Japan, there are still few shops in stock, and there are fewer places that are actually painted.
Those who are challenged by DIY will give you as much advice as possible, so please feel free to ask questions!

Today, I would like to introduce one new paint with
The base was Local Bikes Metro.
BROTURES is a popular model as a first bike because it is affordable and simple.

Local Bikes Metro "Teared Black" ¥ 72,800-
You can order from the EC site.

Accented with two kinds of silver based on matte black.
As the title suggests, I was conscious of the texture that shredded black paint.
Is it an image that the color of the material of the material came out from the bottom of the matte black.
I hope you enjoy the contrast with regular colors.

This bike can be delivered on the day if the size is right.
Of course, this design is bro -horizontal original!
If you are surprised at a bike with a habit, please hurry!

Please feel free to contact us!


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