E-Bike that can be played.

In Japan, the E-Bike market expands and goes one step away.E-bikeI came to see. Among them, SUPER73 has been attracting attention even after the announcement, with a new new wild design that is unique. This time, let's look at the contents.

SUPER73 SG-1 completed car ¥ 350,000-

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First of all, a rugged and aggressive design reminiscent of a big feature of off -road bikes. To be honest, we were surprised at the intense thick block pattern tires and the powerful motor during assists. Until now, I thought that electric bicycles were just for riding comfortably, but this design and driving performance have a very high degree of perfection as a taste.

And here we live. Asphalt that was rough because of the spicy slope and traffic volume on conventional bicycles. This Super73 is a bicycle where you can enjoy such negative conditions. The other day, when I went to the neighborhood to take out lunch, I used the terrain and riding while playing, but it became more and more fun on the usual road, so I went back and went back (laughs).

For this reason, the outdoor use in the leisure season can be done perfectly. In the United States, it seems that beaches and mountain roads are running tough!
It seems to be useful even in the campsite. However, even if you say that you have no chance to go, you will change to a playground anywhere.

Furthermore, if you can carry your luggage easily with your career or basket, it will also be a work tool! Or, I'm glad that you can change the pedal and grip color depending on the mood at that time to create one of your favorite originals.
Until now, it is especially recommended for those who could not choose a bicycle for commuting due to the large number of hills and distance, those who want to increase the variations for outside play, and those who are looking for E-Bike different from people!

BROTURES Harajuku offers a test ride, so I want you to ride and taste unprecedented sensations!

By the way, this SUPER73 is coming soon, but it is already nearly sold out ...
Just this time!
I was able to hold down the reservation of such a car body slightly, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible!

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