A major premise to ride a fashionable.

Hello, this is Toriyama. The 2021 NEW YEAR SALE was over yesterday. Thank you very much for visiting the store. Thank you again in 2021. It's a reasonable start that the first business after the end starts with the rain. I'm going to write a blog. Today's custom is conscious of riding a fashionable base. However, the ride is also a high level, and it looks like a greedy custom. The model is Leader 735TR Gross White ¥ 185,000+Tax I like the texture of gross than the mat, so Leader is white. Moreover, the 735TR is made of pearl white instead of ordinary white, so it is also made for looks.
A world of fixes with many people riding in an attacking posture. But that doesn't mean it's decided. If you attack too much and have a back pain, you will fall. When you say that, why not raise the handle position and make it a little easier?
Align the brand with the handle, stem and Thomson to create a sense of unity. The protruding angle of this stem is unexpectedly important. This stem uses 0 °. 0 ° extends vertically from the folk column, so the handle position is slightly higher. The posture also occurs a little, so it is hard to get tired even on a long ride.
Dress -up of self -satisfaction, column spacer. Thomson also has a column spacer. Moreover, it is cool and cool. The tricks of using the sharpening technology to such places are fine. SET with one point with 20mm, 10mm, and 5mm is ¥ 2,700+tax If you want to stick to the details, be sure to use the Thomson Spacer.
The wheels are full -scale specifications with the popular BROTURES original baton T3 and F rim. F -rim has become quite established in the past year. It's cheap and light and it's too good to choose a design. Even at the end of the year, dozens of books made a reservation at the level, and Fujimoto, a wheel set, was groaning. smile
I put the red in the color of PHILWOOD with a casual color. Red goes well with black and white. The point is that it is a roange than a high flange. By saying PHIL for PHIL, the cog is made into SLR and it is a flicker -showing style.。 SLR is a special cog that can only be used only 17T because it is only 17T.
The pedal is silver allway to link with cog and spacer. I mentioned the pedal on YouTube Live the other day, but the rotation of the pedal is really important. I tend to think that only the crank is turned when rowing a bicycle, but I actually turn the pedal. Few people care about the rotation of the crank and get better, but they care about the rotation of the pedal. The more the rotation of the pedal becomes slurp, the less the fatigue that accumulates in the feet. It is recommended that those who do not turn much now have been deceived and try to customize them.
I think that this custom makes you feel that it is quite easy for everyone to ride. All parts are decreasing overall, so those who wish to purchase should be as soon as possible. Everyone, aim for your own custom by sticking to the details. Completed car: LEADER 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000+Tax Wheel: BROTURES T3 Carbon Baton ¥ 90,000+Tax ~ Rim: BROTURES F CARBON RIM ¥ 45,000+Tax Hub: PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE HUB ¥ 24,800+Tax ~ Cog: PHILWOOD SLR Track COG ¥ 13,800+Tax Handle: Thomson Alloy Round Drop ¥ 15,000+Tax Stem: Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 11,000+Tax Pedal: MKS Allways Pedal ¥ 6,400+Tax Strap: YNOT × BROTURES STRAPS ¥ 8,000+Tax Spacer: Thomson Spacer Kit 2,700+Tax Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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