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Good evening

It's snowing.

If it was a local Sapporo, it would be piled up
I can't ride a bicycle
I can't get this one because I can't get this one!

Good evening, Miya.

However, the tires of the fist are slippery on the wet road.
Be careful when braking or on the white line.

By the way, the customer delivered today
I would like to introduce it because it was very good.

The base was

LEADER®︎angelino PTG COMPLETE ¥ 13,000 (+tax)

Change the handle to a flat riser.

And it is a custom with a rack on the front because it is for commuting.


A riser bar that is very recommended for both operability and looks.

This glittering salsa logo is a catchy and good accent.
It may be almost a self -satisfied world,
It is different from having this custom feeling and not.

Adept Trussporter Rack ¥ 4,700 (+tax)
VOILE RACK STRAP 25inch ¥ 2,500 (+Tax) × 2

And rack.
The orange strap shines only here on the all -black body.

The so -called "rescue orange" with a pretty good color.
It is quite visible even from a distance
At a glance, you can see at a glance that an aura that is not a normal bicycle is coming out.

From the end of last year
It is an impression that the number of people who are interested in rack custom has increased.

The racks that have been stocked well last year are the remaining points.

Often, "Is it a rack for a bike that sells simplicity?"

I will have a question like
I like that, and I like it!

Rather, because the width of the custom is wide,
Can be tailored to each user's preference and application,
It is very interesting and practical, itself
I think it's a good place for fixie bikes ◎

This rack custom is also used in commuting to school and shopping scenes
Why don't you adopt it this year? ?

Then today's
~ Miya's eyes ~
Former apparel staff Miya
The axis is based on "I feel now x fixie bikes"
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This time

Brain Dead / Asymmetrical Paneled Hoodie

It's good like this parallax effect.

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