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Hello, this is Toriyama. It is said that the air gets cold at once after the new year, or it's usually cold. It's a hard season for people who commute and go to school. Osaka doesn't have snow yet, but the other areas are a bit heavy snow. Not only is it cold, but it's a level where you feel dangerous, so let's all go with your own life first. I think that exercise is necessary because of such a cold season. Only here, I ate too much New Year and gained fat. I'm impatient. Even if it's cold, I can't stop chari, so I'm going to ride as much as possible. But just riding a chari will not increase the tension. Anyway, I want to ride my beloved bicycle. It is not a big problem for high chari and cheap chari. METRO is a reasonable but simple and slender body that looks good on various customs. Moreover, it is available from XS to L, so women can ride it. So I wonder if I should do a METRO custom guide today.
The finished car that is the base looks like this. LOCAL BIKE METRO COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 68,000+Tax The handle has changed to a riser from this term, making it easier to ride even if it is normal. The color is a new gross blue gray in addition to matte black and gun metallic. You've been selected by everyone more. How does it change by customizing it? It will be like this.
Frame Color: Gross Bluegrey
Frame Color: Gun Metallic
Frame Color: Gross Bluegrey
Frame Color: Gun Metallic
Frame Color: Matt Black
Frame Color: Gun Metallic
Frame Color: Gross Bluegrey How was it? Metro is a frame that makes various faces depending on the custom. Custom when purchasing the body is possible without additional wages, so let's customize it first. That way, one event of just buying a bicycle will give you a more special feeling. There is no doubt that every day will be fun, so please let us suggest. We'll be expecting you. Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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