Replacing campaign is being held! !


Those who already have a piste
When I want a new car
The parts attached to the car body you are riding,
Transfer to the next frame and embark "Reloading

It takes a lower budget than to assemble a whole new car,
It is also recommended for those who do not have a lot of bicycles in the room.

However, it occurs at the time of recoveryWage

BROTURES is uniform

・ All roses/¥ 10,000
・ Body assembly/¥ 20,000

As it is the wage setting,
Usually, for replacement

Frame price+30,000 yen

Will occur.

However, even if you buy the frame you are currently riding as a military fund
Used frames are often difficult to cost 30,000 yen or more.

but,! ! !
In the replacement campaign under this time,
Only for those who can trade in the current riding pist

Subcommittee guarantee at least 30,000 yen for trade -in!

In other words, the wage can be offset!

Don't miss this great campaign!

Holding period: 2020/12/06 ~

The brands to be replaced are as follows.


Target model: Detroit/barcelona/losangels/tokyo


Target model: tipopista/tutto/gazzetta


Target model: Kissena/Lo Pro/Metropolitan


Target model: Madison 875

It will be!

I want to ride a refreshing and new body in the new year!
Please use this campaign by all means.

* The trade -in vehicle is only a piste bike.
* The period may be completed without notice.
Please understand in advance.

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