One genuine last one

In today's blog, it is an introduction of "Affinity Kissena" which was the last one! !
picture! Was it still? ? You will think!
That's right! There was only one last! !
Affinity is sold out early every time it arrives
Many people should have aimed! !
There is no schedule for the next arrival, so if you are aiming for it
Thank you as soon as possible! !
Then it is a car body introduction! !

・ AFFINITY CYCLES Kissena Frame Set ¥ 149,000 (+Tax)

Because it is sold in the frame set, even those who are riding a fixie bike now
You can replace it! !
And this model has been upgraded from the previous model! !

The head tube is "tapered",
The fork is "full carbon"!
And from this model, "Headset with AFFINITY CYCLES logo" is also equipped as standard!

The Japanese specification is like the old model, with a front and rear brake hole, and the wire is an internal cable specification in which the wire passes through the frame!

I will give you a custom photo for reference! !

In the photo, the seat tube is in a "no -cut" state, so

When handing over
We will cut it according to the height of the customer!
It's a nice place to cut this seat tube to the length that suits you!

By the way, the size is popular"S size"Will be! !

Because it is a color of "gray" that is easy to customize, those who are considering fixing bikes in the future
"Kissena"Why don't you put it as an option? ?

Ayumu the daddy.

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