This year, "e-bike" will increase! ?

Hello! In today's blog, I would like to introduce "e-bike", which is said to be "this year!" Currently, the arrival is delayed due to the influence of Corona, so We apologize for any inconvenience to customers who have made a reservation! We will assemble it as soon as it arrives, so please wait for a while! ! Then, it is the introduction of "e-bike" handled by Brotures! ! "E-bike"!! The stepping on the pedal is an assist control that leads to a natural and direct propulsion! ! The gear is also controlled as an assist so that the output increases with a high speed range and a high pedal rotation! ! Since the assist is transmitted directly according to the stepping on the pedal, it gives a quick and quick assist! You can ride like a sports bike! ! ・ Mate-X ¥ 300,000 (+tax)

SUPER73 SG-1 completed car ¥ 350,000 (+tax)
An iconic frame inspired by a mini -bike that was popular in California in the 1970s! ! It looks as if you are riding a motorcycle, but it is an electric assist bicycle! ! There are two handling introduced above! ! I think you can find it, but both are "e-bike"! If you can ask questions by phone, email, or DM, we will explain in detail! In addition, there is "Mate-X" of "exhibition sample" at the store, so please come and see it! ! Finally, I will put the two videos introduced today Please see that too! !
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