I would like to introduce Custom Bike by replacing it because I want to tell you that it will be so cool about the replacement that I have been talking about recently.

Introducing the car body delivered by replacement the other day! !((Cinelli Tipo Pista → Cinelli Vigorelli)) It's the best brushed body that has arrived at the best answer from the frame to the parts. If you are considering the body from now on, please refer to it!

CINELLI VIGORELLI Track Steel Frame Set ¥ 105,000 (+Tax)

A small frame of steel and full carbon fork! A frame color that is scattered with a rainbolame on the hologram logo. Steels increase in weight compared to aluminum, but make up the weight with a full carbon fork. The frame itself has a thick design, increasing rigidity, and the total weight is heavy, but the rowing taste is light.

SHIMANO DURA-ACE FC-7710 ¥ 45,209 + TAX

SHIMANO DURA-ACE FC-7710 for the crank set
By making the inside of the forged hollow aluminum made of aluminum, lighter and high rigidity have been realized!
Among the many cranks, the weight of Sugino 75 is 560g.
And Dura-ACE FC-7710 is 505g, an amazing light! ! Of course, it is NJS certified parts that can be used for bicycle racing, so the quality is definitely!

Fabric Scoop Shallow ¥ 8,500 + Tax
NITTO-S65 SEATPOST ¥ 7,100 + Tax

I'm pretty familiar these daysFabric scoop! ! The price is reasonable and the liberation and form are good from the pain in the buttocks! Honorse student saddle.
And the super -class classic model "S65" setback shape that represents NITTO is characterized by the shape.Nitto 65"A dish that the logo is irresistible.

CINELLI × MASH drop handle
PHILWOOD 1.5 Tapered Headset (PINK) ¥ 23,800 + TAX

CINELLI × MASH The drop handle is a part that has already been discontinued, but it is a dish that customers have found for this custom!
And the logo is cuteSIM WORKS TOMBOY STEM。 The slender and neat silhouette like chromoly is mostly attractive, and this frame is perfect.
In the headset, there are also crying children PHILWOOD 1.5 Tapered Headset install. PHILWOOD, durability, and rotation with beautiful aluminum color!


SHIMANO DURA-ACEIs a serious fist hub that is also used for NJS approval bicycle racing! Along with the crank, the rotating system is put together in Dura-Ace, and the accuracy/rotation is the best DURA.
To the rimARAYA-SA730。 The original Aerolim's carefully finished full polish is a breathtaking beauty.

How was it? The good place to replace is that it can be changed to the frame you have longed for, but you can customize the ideal compromise, and the carrier is rising and the riding comfort is improved. It is a good thing about a good thing! Check out the details to Burg of the other day, so check it out! !

* The trade -in vehicle is only a piste bike.
* The period may be completed without notice.
Please understand in advance.

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