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A pleasant weather today. Recently, there are very cold days or suddenly hot.
The days that are likely to get sick are continuing because the temperature difference is different.

But the illness is from a heart. Let's move the immunity by moving the body perfectly!
The business hours have become faster due to the announcement of an emergency declaration, but it is very pleasant to get up early (8 o'clock).
Stretch and exercise lightly, eat breakfast and commute by bicycle. This flow is the best.

Because it is such a time, I think that it will be a considerable refreshment just by changing the usual train and bus commuting to "bicycle commuting".
I often hear "corona fat", but it is also recommended for eliminating lack of exercise!

If you get on a new piste bike, you'll have a cool, comfortable, fast three beats."Leader®︎"How is it?

LEADER®︎ 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000 (excluding tax) * Photo is custom

LEADER®︎ 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 150,000 (excluding tax) * Photo is custom

LEADER®︎ 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 (excluding tax) * Photo is custom

These three are models called "7 series" of "Leader®︎".
721TR → 725TR → 735TR, and the details and parts of the frame will be upgraded.
In addition, the price will be upgraded accordingly. 。 。
That said, the fixie bike is a part of the fun of the custom later.
First of all, I think it's best to choose your favorite frame!

Please be assured that you can not go to the store easily!
BROTURES also sells mail order, so we will ship anywhere in the country!
It is very easy to reach the house and only attach front wheels, handles, saddles and pedals.

The site is renewed and it is quite easy to see, so you may find one of your favorite! ?

→ → → → → Mail order site ←←←←

Again, from this time, we have also handled new outlets and used products! !

Please check here! ⭕ You can check from the part!

From now on, we will continue to increase the vehicle body and parts, so please check it on a daily basis!

I think there are some points that will not reach the renewal, but thank you in the future! !

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