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Featured e-bike that was just before the arrival today

Review Mate-X!

The ultimate e-bike with no more visuals and performance
The transport container was filled due to the influence of the corona,
Although there is a delay than the original schedule,
It is definitely waiting for shipping to Japan.

Even those who have already ordered
Even those who are lost in purchasing
what is that? Please take a look at the contents!

in the first place,

What is “e-bike”? I think there are still many people.
Simply put, "electric bicycle".
The so -called mamachari has a large battery.
As an image, a mom with a child! ! That's strong.

Actually, BROTURES handles this "electric bicycle",
Of course, we do not buy the car body that runs around!
This is the image of an electric bicycle = mamachari. Mate X 250 ¥ 300,000 (+Tax)

It is a bike firmly.
Did this alone already gone the mamachalic image?

If you dig down a little more in terms of appearance,
Most of the electric bicycles you often see are black.
This Mate X is also a great attraction with abundant color variations!

"Dusty Army", which is unbearable for military lovers

"Sterling Moss" with a natural impression with plain white and green logo

"JET GREY" with a stylish industrial combination of gray x yellow

The simplicity that is not decorated is good. "ICE WHITE"

"Desert Storm" with a friendly and country impression

And first introduced"SubdueD Black"
All6 colors!!!

The vehicle with the color development so far is quite rare.

It ’s a specification you care about
Please take a look at this video without any messy things!

How is it? ?

A mate bike based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Not only the sophisticated design of Scandinavian, but also
High spec without overtaking due to the number of bicycle users.
That's why the contents are firmly accompanied.

With such Mate X, it is an extraordinary leisure, for everyday use and commuting to school.
There is no doubt that you can ride a bicycle comfortably and happily in any situation!

In a good way, this body is the opposite of the fixie bike.

"I want to chill slowly today ~"
What a relaxing mood at the day
I want to skip it again at a later date!

Such "Sweet after eating salty food"like
A demonic infinite chain reaction occurs.

maybe. smile

Of course, it will be in stock at the Kichijoji store, so
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us about the color you want!


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