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Today is an introduction of a slightly changing ball bike.
The name is "Express".
A 700C town use model released from Fairdale.

"I was always in trouble when I was consulted with a friend in the past what kind of bicycle should be buying.
There are too many motorcycles in the world that are extremely lacy, trendy, and only the upper side.
Conversely, I learned from BMX's simple functionality that complex technologies rarely improve the riding of bicycles.
Simple is actually a wonderful magic of bicycles.
If you want to enjoy cruising comfortably after dinner, can you recommend a bicycle with a mechanic help in the maintenance?
When you want to enjoy pedaling in one -day touring, will the space engineering ultra -laced carbon bike be useful?
Fairdale is my ideal motorcycle designed based on my affection for simple and reliable bikes and over 30 years. "

This Express is also a motorcycle that reflects the beliefs of the founder BMX legend rider Taj Mihelich.
It is one more simple, comfortable, non -stress and one you can enjoy city riding.

Fairrdale Express ¥ 61,000-

"Express" is an urban ride, transportation, and a fast -running machine to enjoy. The key to this bike is the riding position.
With a low -rise MTB style handlebar, pass through a crowded place
The view is good for a stable riding position.
With a wide tire, simple single speed drive train, and tough steel frame, it is a bike that you can enjoy for many years.
Standard rack mounting points are arranged on the frame and fork, and after -market racks and fenders can be attached.

I'm glad that the width of the parts that can be retrofitted is wide while having the minimum necessary specifications.
Choose what you need for your lifestyle, you don't choose anything you need.
It's very simple, but this is surprisingly difficult.


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