I'm a liar

It's paradox.

Unknown feeling.

Simple aesthetics that cut off waste

The clutter and the beauty born from chaos

Both are beautiful after all.


The room that has been cleared up is a little lonely
Make sure you just spice the dishes.

People have a feeling of "getting tired", so we want a change
Because there is "greed", I want to do this more.

[USED] Makino Cycle Factory Custom Bike ¥ 260,000 (+Tax)

I've introduced it before,
It is a custom bike using Makino's NJS certified frame (used).

This car body, which was re -assembled at the BROTURES Kichijoji store, is also
I guess it's such a finish.

In this way, I really like the ego in a good way and I personally like it.

First, the frame.
After all, it's beautiful and polite no matter how many times you look.

I wonder if it's an incredibly craftsmanship.
It makes you feel through the frame.

Stem and handle are well matched with NJS.
The price is quite low because it uses USED parts.

The crank is not NJS, but it is SUGINO properly.

And suddenly a Molanbon -set wheel.
High flange of PHILWOOD in H PLUS SON's deep rim.
To be honest, it is a good wheel. This is a new one.

This kind of feeling.
It was a sharp parts composition according to the frame

After all, I'm not enough and I play. Like.

From a ticking perfect motorcycle
There is a feeling that the identity and personal parts are reflected.
Good at all.
The point is playfulness, isn't it?

If you are sympathetic to this feeling
Please contact us.



Specifications are also posted in detail.
Please take a look at the details of the details.

Naturally, it's USED, so there is only one of this!
Who will you be in your hands?
It is a very fun one.

Then! !

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