It changes with light.

The season is winter. In addition to the cold, it is completely dark in the evening.
In this season, "light" feels very beautiful.
A sense of security and a sense of security. Do you have it?

You all know that lighting of lights is needed when driving at night on a bicycle. (Road Transportation Law Brothers Article 52, Paragraph 1)
Most sports bikes, including pisto bikes, do not have lights.
Light is a must -have item because it is early when it gets dark.

What should I choose? That's right.
It is important to match your own applications because there are a wide variety of lights. Of course it looks.

I want you to know the most loved KNOG about such a light.

Knog Blinder Mini Dot ¥ 3,200- (+tax)
Knog Blinder Mini Niner ¥ 3,200- (+tax)

Introducing at the top because it is very popular and the first recommendation.
The KNOG BLINDER MINI series is popular because of the immovable popularity.
The light is powerful while the design is compact.
These three brothers, which are divided, are DOTs that fly a single light far away, NINER, which claims to be medium -range objects, CHIPPY that illuminates a wide range.
Please refer to it when purchasing.

Knog Lil 'Cobber ¥ 5,940- (+tax)

A model COBBER that is compact but most emphasized with safety.
The angle illuminated by the curved shape is about 330 °.
The lineup can be selected from LIL (small), MID (middle), BIG (large), and the amount of light increases due to large ones.
Design x safety. A combination without complaints should be suppressed.

Knog Pwr Rider ¥5,800-(+Tax)

PWR series of KNOG, which has a groundbreaking specification.
Since the battery part and the light part are separate, it can be used in various ways by combining.
As a nice function at this time, you can charge your mobile phone.
There are six types of series, each of which is different in brightness, so please choose according to your usual use.

Knog Plug ¥3,940-(+tax)

PLUG featuring pop appearance and soft button touch.
Contrary to the gentle appearance of the circular shape, the light amount is outstanding.
Even if you use glove, the buttons are large, so it is easy to push even while driving. This season, the light that goes particularly compatible.

How about? Did you help me a little to choose a light?
Knog lights are basically unnecessary when installing. It is easy to last long because it can be ordered by repair parts.
Because it is all rechargeable, it is ◎.
It does not compromise on design while emphasizing safety. That is the concept unique to KNOG.

Various stocks are secured at the store, so please take a look when you come to the store.
We have secured it as soon as possible by mail order.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the purpose and usage.

The light that shines does not fit the pist. Select and look as an item that brings out your sense.


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