Dignified coloring

A model located at the highest peak of aluminum frame"Kagero"
At the moment, silver is popular for 2021 models, but personally here"Black X Gold"I like
If you look at it in detail, the glitter is scattered, and the finish is quite luxurious.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero2021 Frame Set ¥120,000-

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By the way, Kagero is a well -known American Portland web media“Pedal Consumption”A joint development model with.
It is a characteristic silhouette and the finest aluminum6069 AluminumAdopted, with the frame set that is the lightest class in the industry1.9kgIt is a high -end model that has achieved an amazing weight.

As expected, the first model of Tyrant Bikes has been updated.
Kagero's biggest charm point is beautifulPashute geometryIs inherited, and is also a feature of Leader in the seat tube.ScoopoutIs applied.

This can be said to be one of the frames that embodies the materials and details and embodies what you want."Kagero"
This is black, but now you can choose a relatively size.
Just like silver, if you are worried, it will be sold out.
If you are interested or are currently considering, please consult once.

As I said many times, the influence of Corona is really hard to get frames.
If you are strict with the finished car
One hand is to buy only the frame first.

Rather, there are many such people now, so if you are suffering from a budget, please try to focus on that.

We look forward to your contact.

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