A body that fulfills various dreams. Lath 1.

Mash Work, a frame that gives birth to that enthusiastic fan! ! TUTTO of the successor model of!

Uses rare V brakes at single speed. One of the exquisite coloring and popular among women, one that can be used in fashion.
Introducing this car body that accepts anything in a wide range of first bikes and custom bikes! !


Leave the functional aspect once .........

A great place to this body! The price of the complete model is super exceptional.
¥ 125,000+tax for complete frame price ¥ 90,000+tax
¥ 35,000+tax with error.

Usually, when it comes to assembling, the parts and labor costs are about 100,000 to 130,000 plus! It's just a ¥ 35,000+tax! ! There is no other way to say corporate effort.

The top tube is a specification with an internal cable guide for the rear brake!

You can perfectly use on the street without impairing the simple and beautiful looks of a track bike.

Equipped with unusual thick tire compatible design and V brake.
Compatible with tire size up to 35c of manufacturer notation! ! ! I was running 35c into my body and running! !
Running power that feels like there is no place where the grip is good and you can't go! !

How do you want to customize it?

Attach a rack and put a rugged tire in a wide -rim hole on the body that flows around the city with a rack, etc.!

No, it's a style that runs well with a drop handle! !

What a long dream is a body that spreads out! It's fun to just think about www

By the way, this is the Mash Work that I first introduced! ! Right now, carbon wheels have been entered and it's the opposite of customs, but it's just for referring to a blog when you customize it with thick tires! Tsu!


I personally like this custom I mentioned before! !


If you have any consultation in custom

In that case, there are various parts such as USED/OUTRET at Kichijoji store, so please consult us.

The site is renewed and it is quite easy to see, so you may find one of your favorite! ?

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As the vehicle body and parts are increasing steadily, please check it on a daily basis!

I think there are some points that will not reach the renewal, but thank you in the future! !

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