Try the popular wheels.

Bicycle driving at this time is troubled with clothes.
The thick clothes are hot and stuffy while driving, and the thin outer cools down in the cold wind.
You are worried about what kind of coordinates you are bicycle.

As with clothes, I want to stick to the coordinates of the bicycle.
It is the wheel that changes its appearance. It is good to put it in a black tone, but is it okay to change it?

The introduction of this time is a custom wheels assembled in the polish of HUB HUB of H Plus Son AT-25 x PHILWOOD HIGH FLANGE.
It's like a combination of Hotei and Koji Yoshikawa, Tetsuya Komuro and YOSHIKI's V2. Everyone should be convinced.

H Plus Son AT-25 × PHILWOOD PRO HIGH FLANGE Track Hub Custom Wheel

H Plus Son has a reputation for quality. The AT-25 is perfect, and the rim hat is exquisite.
PHILWOOD's Pro Track is lightweight and has a smooth and comfortable running. Tough and good thing.

On the classic, the super popular is honest. The Rim of H Plus Son is currently very small, and the AT-25 is limited to stores.
There is a risk of arrival, so this is a painful, but it is first come, first served.

Purchase will be available by mail order site, telephone, email, etc., so please come! !

Easy to handle wheels. Let's hold down the trend on your car!


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