Speaking of February, the month when the ...

Hello, this is Toriyama. Today's blog is as the title suggests, the parts have been moistened in the store. August and February of BROTURES are the month when parts are moist. Up to classic popular parts and limited guys that can only enter occasionally. Now is the only opportunity to see the real thing with the most of your eyes! I would like to introduce the parts in it personally. Click here for the first.
ENVE Bar Tape ¥ 4,540+Tax This has already become the No. 1 bar tape of the No. 1 popular since the appearance of 2020. Mochimochi, good grip power and good is just right. Regarding the newcomer mechanic ham, I changed the handle and stem to ENVE to wind this bar tape.
The fact that four out of five staff members use it is evidence that supports the goodness of this bar tape. This is not when the handle is not ENVE. Bar tape that is easy to hold is no longer a choice.
ENVE ROAD STEM ¥ 36,800+Tax ENVE stem following the bar tape.This is the No. 1 of parts that are hard to get now. ENVE's carbon parts are not really included at all. Some people have been waiting for a year if they are long. But it's better to turn it over.
ENVE is the one who will wait a little more than others, but that will answer with that quality. I also touched ENVE on the last carbon wheel YouTube Live, What is going on is a level, but it's hard but hardThere are only two carbon stems of ENVE at the store. If you want, please contact us as soon as possible.
ROTOR ALDHU CRANK \ ASK- Next is this guy. Like ENVE, the ROTOR "ALDHU" crank that is not available is a little restock. The ROTOR VEGAST crank set comes in regularly, but this ALDHU is awaited. Strictly speaking, spider, BB, chain ring, arm are sold separately It takes a lot of time to get everything together.
Conversely, the chain ring can be used by another manufacturer for separate sale. From the beginning, it can be combined with ROTOR × DIGIRIT and ROTOR × SUGINO. What is the difference between VEGAST and ALDHU? The quality of the arm changes. ALDHU is lighter than Vegast, and the surface finish is more beautifully processed. It is the best crank that can be recommended for those who always seek the highest ranked parts.
NOVACORONA 6AL4V Full Titanium Cog Right: Normal model ¥ 15,273+Tax Left: DLC model ¥ 17,000+tax The last is the topic full titanium cog. Finally, both models have arrived, but there is no longer. The only thing that remains is 16T and 18T. This is a revolutionary lightness, and it is highly rigid and skids with peace of mind.
The normal model is a gold body like titanium. It's cool to remove the meat. And this DLC model has a special coating on the normal model. If you are talking to customers today, it seems that it is also used for golf tools. If you want to know it in detail, please contact NARUMI if you want to know.
What I know is that it is 4 times stronger than a normal model. If it is 4 times for 2,000 yen, you will buy it at all. But I'm sorry, no more.If you have the number of teeth you want, make a reservation. If you don't do that, you won't get it. Something like this. Other small parts such as bracket lever, crank, top cap. There are many things in the store, so I would like you to visit the store. If you are far away, check the Osaka store's Instagram frequently. Please do DM as soon as your part is reflected! You can also buy it from Instagram. Today's recommended videos are also uploaded for YouTube! I hope you can check it together.
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