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This month, many restocked products and the first appearance parts are available.
First of all, please use the restart information.

H Plus Son AT-25 "Archetype Rim"
H Plus Son TB-14 "The Box"

H+SON's classic rim has arrived after a long time.
Maybe the manufacturer's stock will be sold out immediately, so it would be better to have it in a hurry.
AT-25 of a transcendental versatile player or a classical TB-14 who is thin to tubular.
Both are indispensable rims for simple fixes.

Of course, you can order hand -assembled wheels using this rim.
Please feel free to contact us from this order form.
It's OK at all.

<< Custom Wheel Order Form >>>

Nitto B801AA SSB Silver

The Nitto high rise bar is also restocked.
Black is already sold out because it has already been sold out for the back order.
It is highly recommended for those who want to ride in a relatively relaxed position.
There is no manufacturer's stock here, so please be as soon as possible.

Paul Duplex Lever

Please join us with this brake lever with the handle connection.
Limited stock of Paul's two -pull lever that was out of print!
It is a useful item because it can refresh the handle.
Above all, this shaving is beautiful. It is a gem that can be owned by Bing Bing!
This is also sold out immediately. There are only a few silver and polish left.

Mks Mash Stream All Black

The collaboration pedal of Mash and MKS is also restocked.
A specially ordered product with a large return to Stream Pedal, which can step on both the front and back.
Since all parts are black, it is outstanding with Leader etc.
Let's get a sense of expert with the toe clip.


A frame pad that has recently received inquiries.
Protect your car from scratches, make the brake cable clean, and sit down a little when stopping.
Why don't you be aware of it because the design is abundant?
This is also very fast, so you may not be able to guide you with your desired color and size. note that.

The first part from here.
The widriser is missing at the manufacturer all over the place.
The restock is undecided. I was in trouble.
So I bought a new manufacturer handle.

DMR Wingbar Mk4

It is a very robust handle only for authentic MTB brands.
It is made of heat -treated 7075 alloy and is quite rigid.
Surely, it will show the potential without regret in the city riding.

Brotures Big Decal Stickers

This has been making for a long time, but for some reason it was posted on the online store for the first time.
I make it with a sense of size that is perfect for down tubes such as LEADER.
L size is 721TR, 725TR, and XL is just right for 735TR.
I would be glad if you could get a bomb not only for bicycles but also for refrigerators and personal computers.

In addition to this, the parts are always available at any time.
It is also introduced in Instagram stories, so please try it if you like.
By the way, the parts introduced today can be purchased at the online store.
I hope you can shop at home in such a time.
Thank you by all means.


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