I want to make town riding interesting.

There are two ways to order a piste bike.

1. Finished car
A basic bicycle sold by the manufacturer. Although the cospa is very good, it is often not the flexibility of parts custom.

2. Rose perfect
Select one part from the frame and assemble it. The shortest route to the ideal one, such as the use and your favorite looks.

When buying a bicycle in Japan, basically there are many patterns that buy 1. finished car as it is.
However, a piste bike is a bicycle where you can enjoy custom to your liking.
If you get on the fix, we want to recommend 2. "rose complete".

Today's blog is an introduction of a custom bike that has been assembled with such a rose!

Tyrant Bikes Kagero

Kagero is a very lightweight frame.
Contrary to the aggressive look that is downward, it is also a motorcycle that is easy for beginners to handle.
This time, I chose a different height carbon wheel before and after.
The front that affects the operability is light and light handling.
A 88mm high wheel with a strong rigidity on the rear directly connected to the drive portion.
It is a custom that goes well with the air resistance.

BROTURES F-55 CARBON RIM X Raketa Std Hub Custom Wheel

I want a street feeling even with such a runner specification.
If so, long riser is recommended.
The wide handle width can be stabilized while stabilizing the upper body, so it can respond to any situation of city riding.
This one is really cool without reason.

DMR Wingbar Mk4

The road that was just passing by may have new discoveries with this bike.
But you don't have to find a new discovery.
Because there is such a best buddy. I'm glad, fun, I love you.
We will guide you to your one.

Please consult here for custom bikes.


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