Black and red. Everyone likes it.

Hello, this is Toriyama. Is today's custom like me? I would like to introduce a color play -based custom. Just playing with colors is normal, so let's improve the performance. The model is customized the Leader entry model 721TR. 100,000+Tax by CompleteIt is a model with high potential while being able to import it. How did you assemble this? I made it like this.
A custom that has a good accent in the red scattered red in some places. The color of the red is gradually lighter from the bottom to the top, so it has a three -dimensional appearance.
The wheels are ZIPP's custom -made complete wheels on the front. Glossy carbon takes your eyes. Because it is a tubular specification, it is finished quite lightly. For the rear, it is a hand -assembled wheel using BUROTURES original F rim and philwood. Although it is slightly different depending on the individual difference, the red of this Philwood is slightly darker than the others. Feeling like an American cherry. The individual difference is one point, so I'm glad if you can come across your favorite color.
CHRIS KING's red is also popular. A beautiful alumite that is as good as PHIL. The frame lasts longer with a significant waterproofness from the headset attached to the finished car. There are various colors, so choose your favorite color.
The saddle chooses a slightly brighter red. Don't despise this saddle. It will be the highest line PRO of Fabric Scoop. It will be a rare guy that has already been discontinued with the carbon rail model. Unlike the current one, the saddle top is simple, so it can be used moderately in color.
Solid parts for underbody. The cog is now the strongest, novacorona's full -titanium cog DLC ​​coating ver, The pedal strap is also a combination of MKS Allways and YNOT that is the best combination of flat pedals. If you are worried, it will be a combination that you will definitely put it in.
What did you think. If you do so far, you won't be called an entry model. I think it has been finished in a specification that can ride as much as possible. Completed car: LEADER 721TR COMPLETE BIKE 100,000+Tax Wheel: ZIPP 404 Completion Wheel ¥ 124,500+Tax Headset: Chris King Dropset 2 ¥ 19,000+Tax Rim: Brotures Original F RIM ¥ 45,000+Tax Hub: PHILWOOD LOW FRANGE HUB ¥ 29,800+Tax Cog: NovaCorona 6al4v Titanium COG ¥ 17,000+Tax Saddle: Fabric Scoop Pro Saddle ¥ 19,000+Tax Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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