The existence of SG75.

Hello! !

This Saturday and Sunday is quite warm
The number of customers who want to ride a fixer from spring has increased!

Personally, I think fixie bikes are similar to real estate.
The reason is that demand rises dramatically at the time of new spring life,

Apartments and apartments
In the spring season, the vacant room was filled in the order of the popular properties.
By the time I searched, my options are almost gone.
There are many things.

Some customers are still at a loss,
From now on, it is time to explode to find bicycles not only in the fixes but also all over Japan.
At the same time, the inventory of the manufacturer is rapidly decreasing, so
Before the frame and parts that I wanted,
Please consider it as soon as possible! !

For purchase and inquiries, please contact Kichijoji BROTURES!
We'll be expecting you.

By the way, even those who are considering new bicycles from spring
I would also recommend it to those who are thinking of upgrading the car body now
“Crank custom”

The crank called "direct" such as MICHE and ROTOR is emerging
It ’s these days

Everyone longs for a fixie riding, I want to use it once
Have you forgotten this crank? ?

BLACK ¥ 36,000 (+tax) / Silver (NJS certified) ¥ 34,000 (+tax)

This one.
I have been making bicycle parts for more than 100 years in Japan.
Sugino engineering Co., Ltd. is the strongest crank that is proud of the world.

Sharp -shaped beauty like a Japanese sword,
Once used, it will definitely be addictive,
Training rigidity that has been trained.


BLACK that shines in aluminum processing

Silver where you can see the height of casting technology

And like this
The thing itself is a simple look and matches any body.

In the two photos, the company's "MC-144I'm using a chain ring

SUGINO ZEN CHAINRING ¥ 23,900 (+tax) ~

Players around the world love ""ZenDon't forget, of course.
This Zen (Zen) is due to the high precision of the teeth
It is a name that is said to be the "most beautiful chain line in the world".

Recently, even if you multiply with Digirit, which is a hot topic in carbon material,
It turns out that both performance and appearance are outstanding.

And it's a crank
Of course, what to choose for BB is very important.

The manufacturer says that the only BB that is compatible with the SG75 crank is only in -house BB. "
Since it is specified, there is no mistake if you use a dedicated BB.

The lineup is as follows.

Sugino CBB-SG7 5 ¥ 10,400 (+tax)

Although it is not an NJS certification, this cartridge BB can easily try the goodness of 75 cranks in consideration of maintenance and price.

SUGINO SG75 NJS BB ¥ 17,600 (+Tax)
SUGINO SG75 NJS SL BB ¥ 22,400 (+Tax)

If you want to increase the grade further, this is either.
With a shape called a cup and corn type
There are two types with exactly the same looks.

SL (SUPER LAP) is a special use of the ball race shaft cup with a mirror finish.
This really turns an explosive.
It will be fun to assemble.

But there is still above.


Ceramic balls are used,
And it boasts an amazing rotation performance with special wrapping processing applied to the ball race.
Ceramic is a substitute that can be expected to be highly durable because it has the property of having less heat.

If you go this far, it will be 40,000 for BB alone, and it is a different dimension level.
I can't see the difference from the outside even if I attach it,
Indeed, it can only be felt by the person who put it onSupreme rotation

In this way, the attractive crank BB world.

There are difficult images such as standards and structures
Because the part area is small for the price
It's a custom that is relatively likely to be postponed.

To maximize the potential of the car body
To be honest, keeping the "original" parts!

Please refer to it,
Please experience the finest running, "Is this a fixie!"


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