Check weekday motorcycles!


It's been a long time since I checked it today! !

The owner is T who loves idols in the same age as me.
Thank you for taking me!

CINELLI VIGORELLI Steel Frame Set ¥ 105,000 (+Tax)

Originally I was on the 721, and since that time I have been doing pounding.
Finally replaced with VIGORELLI last year.

Since then, I guess it's really custom once a week.
It is a body that is doing trial and error every day.

SRAM BRAKE LEVER ¥ 9,030 (+tax) ~

I was a little off
Because it ’s an owner who has a roady experience
The bracket chase gets a lot of looks.

If you are used to this, this is it.
Everyone on the road drop handle, why not try the bracket next?


This is certainly a custom last week.
I finally got a leather saddle that I had longed for.
This shiny feeling when you start using it is also dear.
I want you to grow up.

Crank / Sugino SG75 ¥ 36,000 (+Tax)
CHAINRING / SUGINO ZEN 50T ¥ 19,500 (+Tax)
Chain / Vertex Gold ¥ 5,500 (+tax)
Pedal / Mks Allways ¥ 6,800 (+tax)

Here is the strongest undercarriage that I can no longer say anything.

The gold chain of the most lost impression these days
It's nice to assert well.


Cog is a recently received NJS certified titanium cog.
I myself accepted the installation work for the first time.
It was so light that I was surprised.
But it's frustrating because it doesn't break. (smile

I sometimes use Zen before
The chain tension was also beautiful.
As expected, NJS certification is not Date.

Dura-Ace Hub x Easton R90 SL RIM
F/¥ 41,427 (+tax) r/¥ 43,109 (+tax)

The wheels before and after you are worried
With a long life and high rotation Dura Ace Hub at a low price
High durability, combination of Aero -shaped R90.

The brake surface from the beginning is also a nice point, even though it is the magic world.
This combination can be really recommended.

Last but not least
The seat tube is the "Kichijoji store"B"The sticker is sitting.
I am distributed to customers who buy the body at Kichijoji
If you have not received it, please come to the store.

how is it.
I noticed that it was a swamp frame when I started introducing it, it is a swamp frame.
No, it is a feeling that I was reconfirmed.

Thank you very much again.

Parts and photos that could not be introduced
Please take a look at the slider above, so please take a look and refer to it.

What kind of reference ...

Actually this

Still, the last stock of the manufacturer is left!!!

Why did you see the archives images, including this custom specifications?
I would like you to refer to your own VIGORELLI.

Personally, it is an impression that it is kept in stock than I thought.

Listen to the news of the discontinued chineri truckline last year
Everyone who gave up the purchase.
It's still in time for the start of spring!

Conversely, I wrote it yesterday
It will be a season when bicycle demand will grow.
If you miss the present, the size will be out of stock.

Don't regret later
I hope you can contact us just by confirming your size! !

Then! !

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