Two chromoly selections that you can buy now

Recently, I'm talking with Toshi, "I wonder if there is a good chromoly frame." To be honest, there are no many items right now. Every brand is ambiguous when the 2021 model will arrive, and I can't read it at all this year. If you want it, it seems that there are quite a few, but there are few models you can recommend.

Last year, there was a firm CINELLI and AFFINITY frame, and Leader was revived and was excited, but what about this year? I feel like that.

Better yet, we will make it with us. Such a joke seems to fly.

If you make it, a super ordinary guy is good. After all, a traditional horizontal frame is good. The one that can use caliper brakes normally. But I'm very worried about being able to wear up to 32c or to 28c. The logo should be cool, but you can use a decal kit on a spray bike.

What a rich idea of ​​the second decoction. It is surprisingly difficult to win with Janken. Maybe you won't make it.

After all, if you have these two models, you'll solve them. Gazetta and metropolitan.

Cinelli Gazzetta "Canola"

AFFINITY CYCLES Metropolitan "Weekend Struggle"

Since the 2020 model, which was highly completed, has one stock left, a custom sample was posted on the EC. If you are interested, please take a look. You can change the parts, so please feel free to contact us.



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