The color after a long absence is available!

I've been introducing from the other day,"Encore Wheels"but
Calm colors such as RAW and BK are in stock, but the colors are surprisingly unusual and quite rare.
Even so, I will introduce this time"Sea form" "Yellow"Is quite rare and arrived after a long time!

Encore WHEELS COLOR ¥ 60,000-

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It's also popular with women, and if you think it has arrived after a long time, you don't notice it anymore.
What is every time.

It will be a one -point color, and both are not too pear.
It is easy to match, and it is easy to incorporate.

I don't think it will come to a pin even if I explain it only by words, so I actually customized it.
Please refer to it.

LEADER®︎ 721TR W/Encore ¥ 160,000-

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I tried to make a sea form for white and yellow for black, but how about?
I personally like this feeling.

Of course, there are other red, orange, purple, etc.
If you are worried, please tell us the desired color and front and back.

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