Supreme brake lever is available.

Good evening!

Because it was observed very early in spring
I feel like this is cherry blossom today.

The temperature during the day was quite warm, and it was not cold today even if I got on a light outer.

The timing when the opportunity to straddle your car is increasing
At the same time, it's time for custom greed to crouch.

This timeI like ChariIs an announcement blog because it arrived.

I've been introducing it a lot before
Since the material was surprisingly small, I took the plunge of these parts properly.

Paul Love Lever Compact Black ¥ 21,800 (+Tax)

Continue to make good cycle parts for nearly 30 years in California
Component world master,
Paul ComponentsSo, the classic brake lever has been restocked.

It has high CNC cutting technology and exceeds the "just part" area.
The company is attractive to make beautiful things like a sculpture.

This is a matte finish with a calm impression,
There is a certain presence that only the real is released.
The form is also cool. 。 。

The gripped feeling is surprisingly familiar with the soft touch.
I want to stroke it forever.


In addition, this time the mirror -finished polish is also available.
It is more expensive than BLACK, but this luxury is convincing.

Even when I gave it to the story today, the mobile camera was clearly reflected so far.
This is alreadyBrake -shaped mirrorIt's not an exaggeration to say (laughs)

Depending on the frame color, it becomes a very firm point
The impression like an accessory is characteristic
It is literally ideal for dressing up your car.

As a custom candidate, it is a brake parts that tends to be lost.
Regarding Paul, it is a very popular product even if the arrival amount is not stable.

Last time from the arrival to realisticsSold out in 3 daysI wonder if the competition rate is reasonably high this time.

At the time of writing a blog, both are still available one by one.
If you are interested, we look forward to your inquiry.

That's it for today!
Then again!

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