How about hand -assembled wheels?

Recently, it has become warmer gradually, and it has become a fun season to ride a bicycle.
I personally like cycling slowly on holidays and flowing around the city.

By the way, there is an emergency declaration, etc., so the glue pride has not been made, but everyone is in agony because I want to do it soon. smile
If you are calm, we will plan again and we will enjoy riding together, so please look forward to it.

Returning to the story, I think many people have already customized the handle, so this time about the wheel.
Among them,"Hand -assembled wheels"I will focus on it.

In Harajuku, it is an introduction of hand -assembled wheels for the first time in a long time, but the hubs and rims that were depleted by corona.
Recently, it has been moisturized little by little, so now it is possible to deliver without having to wait so much.
I don't know when to be depleted again, so you can choose"Hub"or"rim"It is more solid to decide while there are many.

If you are using the wheel of the finished car now, of course
The running comfort will change considerably, so if you care about that, let's customize it!

Personally, BROTURES originals that are coming soon"F rim"and"PHILWOOD"I really like the combination of hub.
If you want to assemble with aluminum rims"H Plus Son"But the cospa is good and the best.

By the way, why Botures recommends "PHILWOOD" is durability first.
This is great, out of the group, compared to other brands.
"Not broken"It's tough enough to say, and in addition to it, maintenance -free
Once assembled, it is a great place for me who is a mess that is honestly unnecessary.
others"Hall number"or"Color development"It is quite a merit that there are many.
The stock is resurrected little by little, but there are still missing colors.
If you are worried, please contact us when contacting the color or model.

For the time being, I will introduce some of the wheels I saw at the end, so please take a look.

It's just one part, but it looks like this.

"I like this!"
It's okay to feel like that, so please send the image to Instagram DM or email.

We look forward to your consultation.

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