New parts have arrived again from that br...

Hello, this is Toriyama. The stock of Leader is finally gone. Lack of size has begun for a while, but now it is almost nothing. Gloss White is still a place where you can choose the size. Even though S is a level of one M, one M is one M. If you are worried now, I think it will be gone unless you decide this February. Maybe it's faster. Many people will be new at this time when it gets warm. That's why today I'm going to customize 735TR. This time, it is a complete custom "NovaCorona". Because new parts have arrived again from NovaCorona.
Speaking of NovaCorona, titanium cog is a hot brand recently. The DLC coating model that has finally entered is sold out by reservation and is waiting for reservations again. The feature is that it looks like a rainbow color with the light of light while shining black.The growth of the coating is about 4 times that of normal. Since the surface is processed, the weight is almost the same, so it is normal.The difference is about ¥ 2,000. When it comes to that, this is also a great deal. Because the strength is 4 times, it is not usually a bad thing that is usually riding and crushing. I think it is better to choose according to your preference.
We have already reserved this full carbon wheel "VELOCE" which was released a while ago. Front 16 spokes, rear 20 spokes. The spoke is made of carbon, and the hub is also made of carbon. The strength is perfect because we have a special design to maintain rigidity even with this small number. But skid is useless.That's the shock from the side by skids and tricks because it is vertical rigidity. Please note that it is a wheel for running.
Delivery time is one month to two months because all processes are hand -made by a complete order. You can choose a clincher or tubular, and you can choose from mat or gloss. It is a wheel that is not insanely light but has more ease of running. ¥ 200,000+tax for the front and rear set, and this specification is super dealing price. The reason is that I just want to use it. So this wheel has almost no benefit. The biggest feature of this wheel set is that the worst interest rate is the strongest buyer, the strongest buyer. And this time, the newly released baton wheel will be released.
This is also the same as Veloce, and you can choose from mat and gloss, and you can choose a clincher or tubular. This looks similar to HED.The front is 870g, the rear is 900g (clincher) It is made quite lightly. Tubular will be even lighter.
The name is "TRE"Price is Front ¥ 100,000+tax, Rear 109,000+taxIt will be. ¥ 200,000+tax for purchases in the setYou can get a little cheaper because it will be.
I uploaded a video introducing this wheel on YouTube today. Please check that too.
Completed car: LEADER 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 185,000+Tax Wheel (Front): NovaCorona TRE CARBON BATON WHEEL ¥ 100,000+Tax Wheel (Rear): NovaCorona VELOCE FULL CARL CARL BON WHEEL \+TAX Cog: NovaCorona 6al4v Titanium COG "DLC" ¥ 17,000+Tax Pedal: Brotures Original Pedal ¥ 2,800+Tax Strap: YNOT × BROTURES STRAPS ¥ 8,000+Tax Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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