Extreme stock


I received a very rare order the other day
Because the body has been completed
I will check it down today.

Base: CINELLI TIPO PISTA completed vehicle (Internal) ¥ 118,000 (+tax)

The balance is already amazing!

Personally, the first impression was "like a rabbit".
Even though I put on the BMX handle
As a result, it's not a BMX, but a pure fixie
A fairly unique and exciting body has been completed.

This customer is a first pist
Parts other than the handle are still the finished car, so
From now on, I want you to boil down the details and put out more style.
I'm really looking forward to that.

Sunday Nightshift BMX Handle ¥ 8,200 (+Tax)

This handle is the only custom point from the finished car
It is natural, but it will be a reminder.

I did a test ride, but compared to a general riser bar
Because my eyes go up overwhelmingly
Rough riding comfort like a cruiser,
I felt the operability closer to the easy city cycle.

honest,Easy to ride.

There is a gap in a good way with the impression of the attacked squid.
It became a pretty friendly body.

The grip selects a short OURY considering the length of the grip.
This is a good place to be almost sticky in summer.
It is a slightly solid material, and it has a tough feel that is almost deformed even if you grip seriously.

Frame color named Purple Rain.

An ensemble with the contrast of the rain (rain) on the base purple.
I really recommend it for those who respect originality and do not want to wear people.

The pedal is of course MKS Allway pedal.
It was out of stock at the end of last year, it was restocked at the beginning of the year, and was missing again today.
If you don't buy it at a certain time, this will be gone.

how is it.
If you stop in the city, you'll see it twice.

With a slightly slowed geometry,
The lightweight that cuts less than 8 kg with the finished car weight
It is a surprisingly good acceleration body.

Contrary to such potential, the price is very reasonable.
It's not a frame sale, this is the finished car.

That's why
It is interesting to do a custom full of the street,
You can assemble it to a lacy specification.

It is a body full of such possibilities
CINELLI TIPO PISTA is the L size of this color
The manufacturer's stock is also sold out except for gray M and L.
It's no wonder if it's gone anytime
It can be said that it is a very extreme stock.
At present, there is no plan to production next time, so
It is a phantom body that may not be available again.

If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

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