Good evening!

The title of the blog is not February 30th (no)
I think today's blog will be a relatively shocking content.

What a limited number in the world, what is it in Japan?
A phantom frame that only sold 30 cars arrived.

When you hear "limited", it is human psychology that you want asexually.

Because it is a rare level frame that is unparalleled in the past
Please come together to the end.

[USED] CINELLI × CHROME "VIGARELLI" Custom Bike ¥ 250,000 (+tax)

This guy is terrible.
It's so bad that you lose your vocabulary.

The world's largest pist crit race in which more than 600 ridors in 48 countries in the world gather together"Red Hook Crit/Red Hook Crit"

This "Vigarelli" isA special frame that Davide Vigano of CINelli X Chrome, who won the overall championship in the 2017 tournament, straddled in the final round of the seriesis.

This model named "VIGARELLI" from the name of the rider Vigano.

It is a conventional modelVIG "O" Rellifrom,VIG "A" RelliWhat has been changed is "Vigano" with Vigano's spelling, which is also used.
I feel the playfulness of CINELLI and his wonderful result.

It seems that your finger will press the purchase button reflectively before you get lost
It is a miracle body.

Moreover, the size, the C-T540 and the size are good! !

It's a little interesting story
Actually, it is originally kept in the Kichijoji store for a long time.
I have the same body.

(VIGARELLI, which is becoming more like a guardian deity)

This person also wants to see the person who sees it naturally.
Of course, I can't sell it because it's your body.

That's why there are two of the bicycles that have only 30 bicycles in Japan at the Kichijoji store.
That's a tremendous situation.

Let's take a look at the details you care about.

Speaking of chineri, the tube is of course a colon bus.
"Air Plane" guarantee used for aluminum tubes.
Good, this is just cool.

Choose MICHE PISTARD for the front and rear wheels.
It features lightness and moderate rim hat.
The impression is a hard -fluttering impression that has a strong presence but not too flashy.

It is also used for Leader® 735TR for the crank
Vision NS Track 1X BB386EVO Crank Set
Equipped with

Compared to the basic cartridge type, it is excellent in rigidity and power transmission,
Above all, it is a reliable specification with a certain proven track record.

The rear stee has a sponsor logo.
This feeling is also a THE and tournament specifications, and it will fuel the ownership of ownership.

Large in the top, not the side of the top tube
"Volaviga!" = Volare Vigano! (Fly! Vigano!).
This is the largest area among the overall design,
It is definitely a proof of special specifications.

And like this.

As I said many times,
136 units worldwide, only 30 regular distributors in Japan.
It is a super rare body.

I've uploaded to online, so
Don't miss it.

Then! !

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