Outlet is also Al!

Good evening!

Recently, the rush of USED products is quite busy,
The arrival information was only USED,

Don't forget, the Kichijoji store is at BROTURES
"USED &OutletIt is the only shop to handle!

That's why I came in after a long time, Outlet.

[OUTLET] Local Bikes Metro Comprete Bike Blue Grey Msize (C-T540)
¥ 68,000 (+tax) → 10%OFF! 61,200 (+Tax)

[OUTLET] Local Bikes Metro Compression Bike Graphite SSIZE (C-T520)
¥ 68,000 (+tax) → 10%OFF! 61,200 (+Tax)

[OUTLET] Local Bikes Metro Comprete Bike Black Msize (C-T540)
¥ 68,000 (+tax) → 10%OFF! 61,200 (+Tax)

At a reasonable price suitable for entry
With a simple detail like a piste that has been cut off.
"METRO", which is rich in expandability and is also popular as a custom -based body
Although the size varies, all colors are in stock at the same time!

Of course, all of them are outlet, so each has a so -called "translation" part.

BLUE GREY has a chip on the left side of the front fork.

Graphite has a painting mistake on the right side of the rear stay.

Black has uneven paint at the bottom of the seat clamp.

And each one is like this.
Of course, I think there are individual differences in how you feel,
To be honest, this alone 10 % discount is quite delicious.

Of course, there is no effect on performance or driving!
And the chips like this
If you are riding on a daily basis, you will be lost in small scratches that will gradually follow
The level will definitely be unknown and you will not be bothered.
I think it's a good range to say "charm".

Like USED, of course, there is only one each
This year, the delivery date of each manufacturer and frame is significantly delayed.
These three are recommended for those who want to start a piste in spring!
Please aim firmly so that you do not miss it.


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