From the classic to the new face

Good evening!

I sometimes misunderstand,
BROTURES Kichijoji store

"USED & OUTLET shop"
"USED & OUTLETandA shop to handle.

In other words, we have a lot of new products regardless of the body and parts!

Recently, there was a lot of use of USED.
Today I would like to introduce new parts of Kichijoji store after a long time.

There are various things from standard products to newly selected new faces!

VANS x CULT WAFFLE GRIP (150mm) ¥ 1,500 (+Tax)

If you like bicycles, if you like bicycles, everyone will pass
Super standard grip.
Customers who have not yet passed, here is the route.

With moderate soft elasticity
It is a nice item with a solid grip of the VANS sole.

I tend to look at color and black, but
The area is currently out of stock, but this gum color arrived.

What is it, it's a street.

The atmosphere is not too flashy, moderately muddy atmosphere.
And is it a beige kindness?
The almighty is also attractive to any color body.

CULT BEGIN GRIP (170mm) ¥ 1,500 (+tax)

This is a BMX rider's signature model called "BRANDON BEGIN".
The tread is neither a horizontal nor vertical, but the "diagonal" is squid.

More harder than VANS x CULT.
However, if you hold it strongly, the rubber line will fall down, so there is a proper grip.
I personally like this grip.

Because there is a tide like "VANS"
This feeling is fresh and recommended.

Sunday Cornerstone Grip (145mm) ¥ 1,300 (+Tax)

Do you notice?
Today's butt shooting is a style that accumulates more and more.

This is also a BMX brand, but even in BROTURES
It's an indispensable grip.

140mm is more comfortable than the CULT2 type introduced earlier.
Length that can be used well with riser bars.

Kana -ri softy,
It is characterized by a grip that sticks to your hands.
The big logo is also stylish.

(Some blacks are stable.)

~ General ~
When the grip is sticky
There are many people who only change when they are broken,
The difference between hard/software depending on the product,
Smooth/high grip
The length is long/short, so there are various elements, so
It is recommended to try various things for your favorite grip, so it is recommended.

By the way, I prefer "solid" with good response when grip
Depending on the season, you can almost always use the same thing as grip in winter and bar tape in summer. (Get tired)

VENO SET IN RISER BAR (540mm) ¥ 3,300 (+tax) 

BROTURES Kichijoji is a classic classic.
Ukiyo is already good with this riser.
No matter how many purchases you buy, it's a popular product that is gone if you notice it.
Recently restocked.

The reason for the choice is
Not only the cospa is terrible,

The most realistic length for everyday useThe biggest point is.

No attacking the trail or a flashy trick
Without blast by holding the lower han (lower drop)
There is no particular slope nearby.
(Bullhorn is popular for people with many slopes.)

This is definitely recommended for such a so -called "city riding" riders.

First of all, "length", even if you look at the same type of riser bar
650mm to 800mm, cool and cool
There are still many people who choose "long riser"
In fact, the longer one is wider than the shoulder width, so
The handling (operability) is quite good at about 650mm.

However, when I actually run on a public road with this long riser,
A car side mirror or a guardrail on a telephone pole, a pedestrian if it is a sidewalk,
650mm is too long to pass through the rough waves in the crowded metropolitan area.
I notice that.

If this is the riser bar, it is set to 540mm from the beginning.
No standing obstacles standing
Realizes stress -free and comfortable riding.

Even the width of the width that usually gives up
In this case, you can boldly attack.

Furthermore, because the state of 6cm rises firmly,
The position is dramatically easier
5 ° Bucks Woop also has a good job and is easy to drive.

This is the ability of "Veno Set in Riser Bar".

Even the first custom from the finished car
If you get lost, let's attach this for the time being.

Nitto B220 SILVER (480mm) ¥ 3,500 (+Tax)

It is a Nitto with no more security.
It is 6cm shorter than Veno, but it is similar as a product.
Then, what is different is the diameter first.
And above all, there is an aura that can only be put out to Nitto.
Especially if the body is a steel -based fine frame, I think this is more suitable than VENO.

I think it will fit suddenly. (Strong)

Digirit Carbon Chain Ring UD ¥ 21,818 (+Tax)

Focusing on ultra -light carbon CHAINRING & COG
Popular with the high accuracy and the side benefits such as the sound of the sound disappearing.
From "Digirit"
The new plain (UD) has arrived.
Until now, it was a product that was a pattern, such as "3K" in carbon eyes.
Come here and plain.
This high -tech feeling of inorganic feeling is cool and cool.

There are still few people who are still wearing it, so this is the case if you make a difference with your surroundings.

That's why today's parts are introduced!

I will look at the opportunity again and introduce it.

Then again!

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