Which road should we return today?

I thought CINELLI TUTTO was sold out quite a while ago, but it was still there. I came out when I was catching the warehouse. Yabacha! Although the size is only M, it is C-T54 and it is easy to ride, so I feel that there are many people who hit quite a bit.

As I have introduced many times, Tutto is a word that means "everything" in Italian.

As the name suggests, Tutto's charm point can be used in the pan for a panic.

Not only truck specifications that pursue running, which is the original purpose of the fix, messenger, street, and commuter used in the city. In addition, single -sichlos and tracho customs that can be used in unpaved roads are also possible. I love it because it is such a frame that can be used for a long time.

Cinelli Tutto "Iron Donkey"

However, the characteristic is the tire clearance assumed to 35c, so you want to wear thick tires. Today, I made a CX commuter -like custom supplement that I used there.

The tires are compatible with 32C block tires for CX and nitto bull mousse bar, but they are good.

Since the design of the fork is unique, I applied the ADEPT truss porter rack with a spray bike. It's good to apply a frame, but it's interesting to apply a fork or a stem.

New colors are also available from the familiar bicoule's paracord outer cable. It is a slightly green duck. Although it is a product that has many inquiries, we do not sell it separately because the installation is special. If you can install it in our shop, please.

It is like this. I like this very much.

I want those who are using it for commuting to ride. Sometimes a bicycle that makes you want to pass on the road.

I bother to get off the riverbed and cut off the big park.

You can enjoy it alone in the evening, can you play alone?


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