A piste bike that blends into everyday life

I like a piste bike where you can get along with a natural posture.
Physically and mentally.

I think it's good if you enjoy your bicycle on your own because it's your lifestyle.
There's nothing you have to ride in a tough forward leaning posture because it's a fixie bike.
That's why this kind of custom bike is also very ants.

Leader® 725TR "LAID BACK"

Large rise and backsup handle can set the wrist in a natural position and angle.
As a result, it will be easier to control and a comfortable ride.


The saddle has a lot of pads so that the buttocks can be put on the buttocks, so I chose one with a round shape.
I think that the saddle that can leave the body firmly is suitable because it is a custom that rarely becomes an front load.

Fabric Scoop Race Saddle

The design is as simple as possible so as not to disturb everyday clothes.
Fashion is also an important factor for fixing bikes.
In this case, I guess you can easily blend in everyday life.


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