Fun that swells with paint.

Nowadays, it is becoming appropriate for cycling.
At the border with spring, the mask is a mast due to the pressure of pollen and corona.
At this time when it became warm, when I woke up my sleeping motorcycle.
Recently, I feel that the number of overhauling bicycles has increased.

To make a drastic design to your buddy whose dirt and scratches have become noticeable.
Spray bikes are being established as one way of enjoying.
It can be painted simply, and you can enjoy the excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

This time, I painted CINELLI's chromoly frame Tutto.
This owner who loves as a sub. He wants to use it with a new appearance on a spray bike.

Before Tutto looks like this. The color of the knot gray frame is in some places.
Because the base is dark tone, purple and blue are elegant.
Well, how is the after -sales?

This is the finish.
Wrap painted with a thin green bass with a thin green bass with a duck pattern image.
Try to put purple instead of orange.

This time, the logo part was particularly particular and focus.
We make decals and paint newly.
The color scheme is very close to the original Tutto logo.
Self -portrait? No, this is Junki with skillful skills. I am very grateful, including the owner.

There are many spray bikes this year, and all of them are eye -catching. The chosen color scheme and methods are ten people, so it's fun.
I prepared a coloring sample at the store. Please contact us if you have an image of color scheme.
Spray bikes are sold separately on mail order sites. Anyone can do it because we can easily do it.

To one of the only one to decide from the color scheme. We are waiting for your order.


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