AFFINITY LOPRO 2021 model arrived today !!

It is finally arrived from Hardcore Fixy Town and New York.
Slender chromoly, a popular model with a forward leaning frame "LO PRO"

AFFINITY CYCLES LO PRO Frame Set ¥ 89,000-
* Purchase by completed car will be from ¥ 178,000.

Compact frame design may be more for Asians than authentic Americans.
You can enjoy the street pist with an easy position without being too leaning forward.

Above all, the most notable this time isMutant Blue

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A new color that attracts attention with offensive coloring.
It is good to finish with Browns brown leather, or FILWOOD's green hub and F -rim
If you want this color, only three are in stock, you can contact us in the dash.

andSnow White。 This seems to be sold out even by the agency, and is explosive alongside Mutant.

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In fact, only one BROTURES is available. smile
I want to combine Encore Sea Foam Green or finish it refreshingly.

lastlyFilm Grain。 This is already a standard color.

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Compared to the model last year, I feel that the gloss feeling and metallic are getting stronger.
It is relatively modest coloring compared to the other two colors, so it seems that any specifications are addicted.
Personally, all colors are black parts, ROTOR cranks and baton wheels.

As with this time, LO PRO is a frame that does not accompany the number of arrivals that arrive.

A certain color and a certain size were sold out without waiting for the arrival.
We are looking forward to what kind of formation you will finish.
Of course, we also accept consultations on how to assemble, so please feel free to ask.

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