Dsnv is back

Good evening!

Today is about this brand.

Yes, that DSNV is back.

Last year, we welcomed a new director, and a major design change has become a hot topic
The pros and cons have happened
Still in the November Fartrot
Popular sizes and colors are sold out immediately.

Minimal looks and new designs that cut off waste to the limit
Both the unwavering quality backed by the colon bus tube.
With "New Normal", I changed direction as a brand,
I wonder if the new value was firmly accepted by the customer.

Furthermore, not just the frame
The original components that were newly added to the lineup were very complete and very popular.

Regarding components, the next time of arrival is still unclear.
This type 2 (2 colors each) will be restocked this time

DSNV Los Angeles Frame Set (Jet Black/Camo Green)
¥ 149,000 (+tax)

DSNV Detroit Frame Set (Jet Black/ Army Orange)
¥ 159,000 (+tax)

As usual, the gloss of JET BLACK also has an adult luxury.
The matte color is moderately pop -colored.

In particular, the number of colors is smaller.
Last time, there are some frames sold out just by making a reservation.
I wonder if this area is also a must.

Last year, with those who felt like "the first ball"
Currently, booking with those who are thinking about "starting from spring"
I have a feeling that the competition rate is likely to be terrible than last time.

In fact, I think it will be important to do what it looks like.
Please refer to the past custom feeling, although it is a little.

First is Los Angeles.
For an edgy riser bar with an angle
A well -balanced custom with a racy ZIPP wheel.
It is also recommended for those who want to look and specifications with a strong street feeling.

Next, while the small parts are solidified with normal ones and the cost is reduced,
A custom that puts ROTOR on the crank and raised the grade.

Detroit, a slightly lowered pashute frame.
To the drop handle that creates a further forward leaning
The attack style of the seat post that was firmly put out.
As you can see, this is a faster and fast guy.
If you want to fly anyway, it's this custom.

Also Detroit.
No nor a claim of Army Orange,
DEDA's bullhorn is doing a good job.

And, like this, the way of assembling is different.
Because it's a rare frame
Anyway, I want to enjoy my own custom that does not cover anyone.

That's it for a real arrival soon.
If you are worried, please contact us as soon as possible.


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