Snow White that girls want girls to ride.

Hello, this is Toriyama. Sales have started. That pashute demon. LFFINITY CYCLES LOPRO will be officially released today. So I immediately set up an exhibition custom. We have set up Snow White and Mutant Blue, but this time it was a SNOW WHITE show. I would like to introduce Mutant Blue later. This Snow White is a really beautiful look. 。 The moment I saw the real thing, I wanted a woman to ride. If it is S size, you can ride from about 165cm, so even women can ride. So this time, I tried to make it a custom that can ride regardless of gender. Complete silver parts unified custom. The wheels are widrims, high rigidity, and light weight Velocity QUILL. It has a beautiful polish and has prepared several types of holes, so it supports various hubs. This time, the hub is also an affordable combination with Velocity. The handle was a chose Nitto for Shred Bar, which was a long time ago. The crisp look will look good no matter which frame you attach. I think it is a handle that you can have each person. The length is two types, 650mm and 750mm, and the price changes depending on the length. Thanks to that, if you want to ride at 650mm, you don't have to cut it if you choose that one. It is a riser bar for the rider. The stem is a slightly tight angle type according to the pashute. Paul's Box Car Stem can be selected from two models, 0 ° and 15 °. It is a valuable angle because there are few places where 15 ° is made unexpectedly. And the other feature is the beauty and abundant coloring. You can see the brand's commitment, as no hole is open on the back of the bolt that stops the handle. It's an American component for an American frame. The undercarriage is a classic outfit, for the Blue Lug RMC crank. There is an affinity original chain ring there. We have a lot of teeth, so if you want to ride Affinity, use it. How was it. I tried to assemble it with my personal preference, but I think it was a stylish feeling. Please come and see it because we are preparing here at the store. Ren Frame: Affinity Cycles Lopro Frame Set ¥ 89,000+Tax Handle: Nitto for Shred Bar 650mm ¥ 7,400+Tax Grip: CULT x Vans Waffle Grip ¥ 1,500+Tax Stem: Paul Box Car Stem ¥ 21,300+Tax Crank: Blue Lug RMC Crank ¥ 14,800+Tax Chain Ring: Affinity Original Chainring ¥ 11,400+Tax Rim: Velocity Quill Alloy Rim ¥ 17,500+Tax BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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