BROPRO is a trout.

There is a pizza shop in front of the house
I tried using it for the first time because it was half price for take -out.

It was normally delicious and I felt like I got it.
Then, when I thought that half of the pizza paid in my life was "shipping", I felt like I lost.
In order to recover the loss so far, I would like to actively take out in the future.

Good evening!

Today is"BROTURES PRODUCT"about.

In the first place, everyoneBrotures ProductDid you know?

"This part is good, but I wonder if this will happen a little more."
But it is hard to sell only for such parts.
If you don't sell it anywhere, Brotures Products was born from the spirit of making it yourself.
The staff is actually working on the rider's perspective, that is, a real street spec.
More familiar with longing specifications and looks.

that isBrotures Product。 That's why.
Thanks to you, only popular items that sell out well.
This month, each item was available, so it was a pretty rich month.
Here are some of the items in the store right now.

F \ 90,000 (+tax)
R ¥ 95,000 (+tax)

Here is here.
It is a popular product with a well -known "super".

A carbon wheel that you long for once if you get on the fix.
With a low cost but solid construction
It is a good masterpiece wheel with a solid feeling without cheapness.
Now you can go front and rear sets!

YNOT Pedal Strap Brotures Special ¥ 8,000 (+Tax)

This is also to BROTURES
No, it's an indispensable item for fixing riding.
Made in Canada's robust construction loved by trick riders
Nice two patterns that can be selected from reflector or phosphorescent.


If you are concerned to the end, how about this intense chine lock?
The built -in chain with the baking chain is perfect and the security is perfect.
Don't despise the key.
It is a strong ally that can protect your car "cool".

Brotures Original Top CAP ¥ 1,800 (+Tax)

Top caps produced by BROTURES to Runwell.
It is a gem that focuses on Made in Japan.
It is difficult to understand, but has a matte texture.
There aren't many mats bicycle parts.

BROTURES "The WRENCH" ¥ 2,800 (+Tax)

This is also a minimal 15mm wrench made by bespoke to Runwell.
Of course, it is made with MADE IN JAPAN.
Designed to be easy to carry as a charm of a fixie bike.
Exquisitely easy to grasp with a unique and rounded form.
In addition, the beauty of the model is also attractive.

Above, this month's arrival was like this!

Things made with the simple idea of ​​making things that are not
Exactly the same as the idea of ​​assembling a bicycle,
It is only found that DIY guts are useful.
Please take it by hand when you come to the store.

I want this kind of thing again!
If you have a target item, we will seriously consider development, so please feel free to say it!
You may be able to make it unexpectedly.

Then again!

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