In March, you can enjoy custom.

Hello, this is Toriyama. In March, it gradually became springy. It's warm and warm in the daytime, so I hope this will continue. At this time, people who are vulnerable to the cold will also exercise and embark on Chari. If you have any trouble, customize it at that time and try to get another one. Currently, the Osaka store has quite a lot of parts. There aren't many bothering while watching the real thing, especially popular frames and parts travel. I want you to get a lot of trouble and get it. Today, I would like to introduce some parts that are relatively sold out. If you want to see this blog, please contact the Instagram DM as it is. I will do a reserve. So, let's introduce it. Brotures Original Carbon WHEEL SHRED88 Front ¥ 55,000+tax, Rear ¥ 59,000+tax The popular wheel "SHRED88" at the top 3 in BROTURES Overwhelming impactful deep rims, it suits aero frames such as Leader 735TR. Because it is made of carbon, it makes you feel a light and soft ride. The front 20 holes and the rear are 24 holes, so let the yukuyuku hub upright up. It is also possible to reconcile. And next time, I would update to the F rim using the hub. There are not many arrivals this time, so it is better to secure it. Paul Tlack Hub High Frange Model 32H Silver & Black Front ¥ 23,800+Tax, Rear ¥ 27,800+Tax Polish Front ¥ 25,800+Tax, Rear ¥ 29,800+Tax Famous American component manufacturer "Paul" alongside PHILWOOD and CHRIS KING It is a brand that is made with great attention to looks as well as performance. I'm a manufacturer who is going to use brakes and so on. With high -precision aluminum shaving technology, all have a beautiful finish. Released by PaulThe truck hub will be in stock for the first time in a long time. I think many people have been waiting for the arrival after a long time. All of them will be available for one set, so let's order the wheels as soon as possible. We will make a crisp proposal for small parts such as rims and spokes. NovaCorona 6al4v Titanium COG Normal model ¥ 15,273+tax, DLC coating model ¥ 17,000+Tax This is now selling so that you don't need to explain it anymore. Thanks to that, the popular 17T cannot be bought without always reserving. You can order from 12T to 18t, and now there are 16T and 18T, which is easy to use in the city. Please feel free to contact us because we accept the number of teeth not at the store. GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 Tire ¥ 7,000+Tax "EAGLE F1" is a recently new side skin model. It is also selected as a genuine Leader tire and is a model with outstanding cost -effectiveness. It's not too soft, but it's a really good tire that doesn't feel bad. Even if you are skids, it will last a long time, so it will be quite suitable for city riding. There are various other things at the store, so we are waiting at the store. Let's run comfortably with your upgraded car. The video about parts has been uploaded to YouTube today. I hope you can check it together. Ren BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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