I also made a good wheel.

Custom wheels in the store are not filled.
I will go on a trip.
It is around this time that I am screaming that I can not keep up with the work at all.

That's why I have refilled a new stock wheel today.

H Plus Son AT-25 × Paul Track Hub Custom Wheel

Custom wheels with tough hubs and universal rims of Made in USA.
It covers a wide range of daily use, from daily commuting, commuting to school to those who want to run on weekends.

It is easy to compare with PHILWOOD, but I personally prefer this one, such as a refreshing look and a slightly lightweight finish.

The Paul's hub is not only durable but also beautiful.
If the enduro bearing is well -maintained in a structure with excellent maintenance, it can be said that it is a very high cospa hub.
It is unusual for the production to be aligned before and after, as production is unstable and out of stock.

Paul Track Hub
H Plus Son AT-25 Archetype Rim

Does the rim AT-25 no longer need to be explained?
Simple design, rim width that covers relatively thick tires, high quality at low price.
It is a rim selected to be chosen by many people.

In short, it's a very high -cost combination wheel.
It is an item that can be useful for many riders in terms of looks and performance.
If you are considering a custom of the wheel, why not try it as a candidate?

By the way, you can also order custom wheels of your desired combination.
Please feel free to contact us from the order form below.
For the time being, just estimate! It's okay.

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