"Mate" in Japan soon

New generation of E-Bike with arrival in front of you "Mate X"
It was influenced by Corona, but it is likely to land in Japan!

It attracts us with the specifications that have many protruding parts, such as appearance and practicality.

Large -capacity battery
Front and rear suspension
Off -road driving tires
Equipped with shifting gear

There are still many other things to list, but like this
Isn't it exciting just to see this character? smile

As you can see from those who actually tested at the store, it is a new sense of ride.

Of course, if you can still visit the store, you can take a test drive at the store, so please feel free to come to the store!

this"Mate X"It is in the arrival soon, but the reservation is still in time.
If you are interested, please contact us for the time being.

Finally, by reviewing the detailed specifications↓ The following blog ↓Check it out!


We are waiting for your consultation and inquiries!

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